The Excitement is Building

It probably comes as no surprise to you that every home is unique and deserves its own building plan. We can give you an idea of how much your personal project will cost based on your location, size, house structure and your personal desires. Contact us for the most accurate estimate of your project's cost.

How does it work? Our Principal Owner, Dan, meets with you to understand exactly what you want and then creates a plan that will not only make that happen, but will do so around your schedule and budget.

These are the steps we take:

Preconstruction: This is the phase where we figure out your vision for your home remodel or new build and determine a schedule and budget. We cover the desired materials, service and equipment to give you the most accurate cost estimate possible. By bringing our team into the process early many cost issues can be avoided altogether by incorporating value engineering. By making adjustments to your plans or the materials you are using for your home we can cut costs without impacting the look or functionality of your home. Our job is to implement the vision you, your architect and designer have all the while honoring your budget. Next, we determine a schedule of how long it will take to get the work done and the necessary steps we need to take.

Construction: Construction is where any demolition begins and new materials are delivered. The project manager is strict with staying on the agreed schedule and stays in close communication with everyone on the project to determine any changes. We like to hold progress meetings and maintain daily project status reports online to ensure everyone has full disclosure of the project's progress. Efficiency saves substantial expense and energy when building custom homes. This is one of the many areas that highlight the Govan difference.

Coming Home: You will see our quality standards guarantee play out when you do the final walk-through with one of our construction supervisors. From highly detailed punch lists to practical instructions on how to maintain your home, we work to make sure your home's excellent craftsmanship and our all-encompassing service deliver value.

Beyond The Build: This is what sets Govan Builders apart. We don't just build homes or remodel we build lifelong relationships by making sure your home exceeds your expectations beyond turning over the keys. Our clients can take comfort in our warranty. And for years to come our maintenance and repair division is happy to assist you with quality care and maintenance of your home.

Get inspired
We have been given the opportunity to work on a range of houses all overNorthern Virginia area. We have experience in various styles and building materials and would love to share our previous projects with you to get your creative juices flowing. Take a look at some of our recent work and see what fits your personal taste. At Govan Builders, we are confident you will have an unparalleled experience with our excellent craftsmanship and all-encompassing service. We look forward to putting our collective expertise and passion to work for you!

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